Find Files Larger Than 1GB in Linux

Last updated on Dec 29, 2019 in Linux

There is a scenario when you need to release some disk space so you need to find all the big files. This can be easily done with find command.

In Linux terminal, go to the folder where to start the search and then type:

$ find . -type f -size +1G

This will list all the files that are larger than 1GB and are located under the current folder (and subfolders).

  • . is the starting folder, which is the current working directory in this case
  • -type f means that we want to find only files, not directories or anything else
  • -size means that we want to find by size of the file
  • +1G is the size

You can, of course, find by any file size threshold. Here is a guide:

  • c is bytes
  • k for kilobytes
  • M for megabytes
  • G for gigabytes

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