Find Files Newer Than 1 Day in Linux

Last updated on Dec 29, 2019 in Linux

To find files newer than 1 day (or any number of days) you are most likely trying to find files that has last modification time, the mtime, newer than that specific date, meaning that the content has changed. However, if you are looking for files whose permissions or file name has changed, you are better off looking for ctime, the last change time.

We are going to use find command. First go to your folder and then type:

$ find . -mtime -1
  • The . is the starting point, i.e. the current working directory in this case
  • -mtime finds files by mtime, the last content mofidication time
  • -1 stands for files newer than 1 day. You can use any number here, of course. If you are looking for files newer than 1 year, use -365.

If you are interested in files whose filename or permission is changed, you can use -ctime argument:

$ find . -ctime -1

If you want to find files that has been accessed during last 1 day, check article: Find Files Accessed During Last 1 Day in Linux