MySQL Import Database from .GZ File in Linux

Last updated on Dec 30, 2019 in MySQL, Linux

During development environment setup we quite often have a database dump created with mysqldump and in gzip format, and we need to import it from the Linux command line.

In this tutorial, we assume the compressed dump file is dump.sql.gz and it is located in the current working directory. In command line, type:

$ gunzip < dump.sql.gz | mysql -u username -p database

We first input the dump.sql.gz to the gunzip which decompresses the dump and then we pipe it to thee mysql client with a username and password, which is prompted. The database is the (empty) database that we want to import the data to.

Note! If the dump.sql.gz contains CREATE DATABASE command, we can omit the database argument completely, like this:

$ gunzip < dump.sql.gz | mysql -u username -p

What if the dump file is in SQL format?

If the file is plain dump.sql. To import database from SQL file, check this article: MySQL Import Database from SQL File in Linux